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Plunger metering pump

2023-05-04 19:59 13090 views

‌The plunger metering pump directly sucks and discharges the working medium through the reciprocating motion of the plunger. Since both the plunger and the seal are in contact with the medium, selecting the appropriate plunger material and seal form can ensure that the pump has ideal performance during operation. Plunger metering pump is widely used in petrochemical industry because of its simple structure and high temperature and pressure resistance.

Sunrise Petro has rich experience in supply of Plunger metering pump.


Operation principle

The hydraulic end of the metering pump forms a working chamber with the help of a plunger, which makes the volume of the working chamber change periodically in the reciprocating linear motion. Working principle: the motor drives the worm through the coupling and decelerates through the worm gear to make the spindle and eccentric wheel rotate, and the eccentric wheel drives the sliding adjusting seat of the bow link for reciprocating motion. When the plunger moves backward to the dead point, the pump chamber gradually travels to vacuum, and the suction valve opens to suck in liquid. When the plunger moves forward to the dead point, the suction valve is closed, the discharge valve is opened, and the liquid is discharged when the plunger moves further. In the reciprocating operation of the pump, continuous pressurized and quantitative discharge liquid is formed.


Significant part

Sunrise petro plunger metering pump adopts ceramic plunger or ceramic spray plunger, which has strong corrosion resistance and is suitable for various harsh working conditions. It has high surface finish, high hardness and long service life, which is more than 3 times that of conventional polishing, electroplating and other process plungers.

The patented packing sealing component of Sunrise petro plunger pump is simple in structure, compressible and self-locking, and has high service pressure. PTFE base material is used, which has good corrosion resistance and self-lubricating performance. With the standard ceramic plunger of the company, it has a long service life.



Sunrise petro plunger metering pump has the following advantages.

  1. The diameter of the plunger can be very small, generally D6-200mm.
  2. The discharge pressure range of the plunger pump is wide, and it should be made into a high-pressure pump.
  3. The flow is within the range of 10% - 100%, the metering accuracy can reach ± 1%, and the maximum pressure can reach 50MPa.

4.It can be made into various types of heat preservation pump heads (steam, hot water, electricity and other heating pump heads), and can be made into multiple sets in parallel for adding different liquids, different flows and pressures.

  1. Simple structure, convenient maintenance, good cost performance.

It can transport high viscosity medium, not suitable for transporting corrosive slurry and dangerous chemicals.

  1. The shaft seal is a packing seal with leakage. The preload of the packing shall be adjusted periodically. The packing and plunger are a pair of wearing parts.


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