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Mechanical diaphragm metering pump

2023-05-04 20:03 10089 views

‌The mechanical diaphragm metering pump is a special positive displacement pump that can meet the needs of various strict technological processes. The flow can be adjusted steplessly within 0-100%, and is used to transport liquids (especially corrosive liquids). Sunrise petro has rich experience in supplying mechanical diaphragm metering pumps, and the products are exported to many countries in the world.


Diaphragm metering pumps use flexible diaphragms to replace pistons. Driven by the drive mechanism, the diaphragms move back and forth, changing the pump chamber volume, and absorbing and discharging liquids under the action of the pump inlet and outlet valves.

Diaphragm metering pump can be used to transport corrosive and non-corrosive liquids without solid particles in a quantitative manner according to the needs of various process flows and the flow can be adjusted steplessly within the range of 0-100%.


Significant part

Supplying: The main transmission parts are grinded by precision hobbing machine and worm, and automatically detected by CNC gear detection center, with high transmission efficiency and low noise.

Turbine: alloy copper, high cost, its wear resistance is 4.5 times that of ordinary copper.

Worm: alloy steel, heat treated, high hardness, good wear resistance, long service life.

Diaphragm: the diaphragm is made of five layers of composite structure (the first layer is super tough acid resistant film, the second layer is elastic rubber, the third layer is supporting iron core, the fourth layer is reinforced nylon fiber cloth, and the fifth layer is completely covered with elastic rubber), which can effectively improve the service life of the diaphragm.



Flow range: 15-130L/H

Maximum pressure: 1.0Mpa

Diaphragm material: PTFE (flow passage end face)

Pump head material: PVC, PVDF (PTFE), 304, 316 (options: dual phase steel, Alloy C-276, 904, titanium, zirconium, etc.)

Motor: 380V, 3PH, 50HZ (options: 110-480V, single-phase, 60HZ, variable frequency/explosion-proof/explosion-proof variable frequency, etc.)



Sunrise petro mechanical diaphragm metering pump has the following advantages.

  1. No dynamic seal and leakage.
  2. The plunger metering pump is suitable for conveying inflammable, explosive, highly toxic, malodorous and radioactive media.
  3. The plunger metering pump can be equipped with digital controller of metering pump to realize digitalization, local and remote control.
  4. The design of stainless steel reinforcement plate is added behind the diaphragm to improve the service life of the diaphragm.
  5. Mechanical double diaphragm design with diaphragm alarm detection can be selected.
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