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Gear metering pump

2023-05-04 20:17 9941 views

‌Gear metering pump is a kind of gear pump. Only specific gear pump can be called gear metering pump. At the same time, the gear metering pump is one kind of metering pump, so gear metering pump has metering characteristics. In order to meet the market demand at home and abroad, Sunrise petro has successfully developed a gear metering pump after years of research and development.


The gear metering pump of Sunrise petro uses a pair of meshing gears, one of which is the driving gear and the other is the passive gear, which drives the meshing rotation. There is a small clearance between the gear and the pump housing. When the gear rotates, in the liquid suction chamber where the gear teeth gradually disengage from the mesh, the enclosed volume between the teeth increases, forming a local vacuum. The liquid is sucked into the liquid suction chamber under the effect of differential pressure. As the gear rotates, the liquid is pushed forward between the gear and the housing in two ways and sent to the liquid discharge chamber. In the liquid discharge chamber, the two gears gradually mesh, the volume decreases, and the liquid between the gears is squeezed to the liquid discharge port.


Operation principle

Considering that the machining accuracy of gear metering pump is required to be very high, both the tooth surface accuracy of the gear and the matching accuracy of the gear and the housing, the gear and the tooth top are required to be very high, so the rotational displacement of the gear metering pump is certain. In other words, for every revolution of the gear, the volume of liquid discharged is certain. Therefore, with the adjustment of the speed of the gear metering pump, the gear metering pump can discharge a corresponding amount of liquid.

Generally speaking, we calculate the speed of the gear metering pump to obtain the flow of the gear metering pump.


Sunrise petro gear metering pump has the following advantages.

1.Stable and repeatable flow can be guaranteed under various conditions of temperature, viscosity and pressure

2.Measuring accuracy up to 0.3%

3.No pulse output

4.Good repeatability

5.Long service life and durability


Select suggestions

The main technical parameters of gear metering pump include displacement, working temperature, working pressure, speed, torque and driving power. When selecting the metering pump, multiply the displacement by the pump speed, volumetric efficiency and melt density to see if the desired large output can be achieved. It is economical to choose a pump with small displacement, but the pump needs to run at a higher speed. Remember that the speed should not be too high, otherwise the pump body will get heated or the pump will wear quickly and lose more than it deserves.

Sunrise petro has professional experts to serve and you are warmly welcome to inquire.

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