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Leading Drilling Collar Supplier in China

The drill collar is one of the main components of the drill string. Its function is to provide the bit with WOB(weight of bit), and at the same time make the lower BHA have greater rigidity, so as to make the bit work stably and help overcome the problem of deviation.

Your Premier Drilling Pipe And Collar Manufacturers And Suppliers

  1. Strict Quality Inspection
    Sunrise petro owns a national-level laboratory, which can conduct raw material inspection, production inspection and specific physical and chemical properties test.
  2. Strong Technical Support
    Sunrise petro developed special drilling pipes with many methods of high strength, internal coating, tungsten plating for harsh work conditions.
  3. Drilling Products Diversification
    Sunrise petro combines int’l standards, national standards and different working conditions to design different products.
  4. Various Types Of Drilling Pipes
    Sunrise petro can produce a variety of Drilling pipes, including the Kelly bar, drill collar and heavy weight drilling pipe.