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Bellows metering pump

2023-05-04 20:14 10062 views

‌The Standard Bellows Metering Pumps operate on a positive displacement principle. The rotation of the motor shaft is transmitted into an up and down motion through a lever pivot crank mechanism. This motion provides a continuous compression and expansion force on a bellows module, forcing fluid in and out of the module. The pneumatic diaphragm metering pump is a new product developed by Sunrise petro in recent years and is used in various special occasions.


Working principle

When the standard bellow metering pump works, the rotation of the motor shaft is transferred to up and down motion through the lever pivot crank mechanism. This movement provides continuous compression and expansion forces on the bellows module, forcing fluid in and out of the module. The discharge pressure remains constant throughout the flow range of the pump.

Standard bellows metering pumps are designed to discharge corrosive and non-corrosive liquids.


When the pump is set at 50% to 100% of the full stroke, the stroke to stroke accuracy is ± 0.5%. The discharge pressure remains constant throughout the flow range of the pump. Poppet valve is used to prevent backflow; The and springs provide positive closure to prevent siphoning through the pump in applications where a positive suction head exists.



The Bellows metering pump of Sunrise petro has the following features.

  1. Completely leak free: there is no mechanical shaft seal, so there is no leakage.
  2. Output accuracy: ±1% high accuracy can be obtained in case of clean water.
  3. Self-absorption: the suction head is 1m under normal temperature and clean water.
  4. Allow dry running: the working chamber is corrugated pipe, so it can run dry.

Long working life: It can withstand millions of reciprocating movements.

  1. Excellent corrosion resistance: the pump is made of polypropylene, and the valves are FPM and EPDM with special formula, which are resistant to various corrosive liquids such as acids and alkalis.


  1. Wafer and silicon chip washers and processors
  2. Detergent dispensers
  3. Blood analyzing equipment
  4. Industrial floor scrubbers
  5. Thermal therapy equipment
  6. Waste removal systems
  7. Wastewater treatment systems
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