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Steel continuous sucker rod

2023-05-04 15:51 9724 views

‌Steel continuous sucker rod refers to the metal continuous sucker rod. Its cross section is approximately oval, which can be used in the conventional pumping unit and the oil pump. The continuous sucker rod has reliable performance, long service life and superior efficiency. With continuous development of manufacturing technology and material properties, the application of continuous sucker rods is more and more extensive. Sunrise petro owns rich experience in manufacture steel continuous sucker rod.


Conventional sucker rods are connected by a coupling with a length of no more than 10 meters. Couplings often fail due to loose thread, eccentric wear, piston effect and other reasons. The continuous sucker rod eliminates the coupling to reduce the weight of the rod string, lower the oil well accidents and extends the service life of the tubing and the rod. Meanwhile, the depth of the lower pump is increased and the energy consumption is reduced. Therefore, continuous sucker rod is an updated product of conventional sucker rod.



The following shows the coupling structural comparison between common sucker rod& continuous sucker rod.

The steel continuous sucker rod is a sucker rod with semi elliptical cross section and circular cross section. According to API standards, the cross section of the sucker rod should be made into seven specifications of semi elliptical cross section rod and three types of circular cross section rod, with specifications ranging from 3 / 4 inch to 1 1 / 8 inch.

The continuous sucker rod does not need to be connected with a coupling, so the sucker rod with a larger diameter can be run in the tubing with the same diameter. Then the combination of 2-7 / 8 ″ tubing and 2-3 / 8 ″ tubing can be used in deep pumping wells to save 3-1 / 2 ″ tubing and reduce costs; In screw pump wells, 2-7 / 8 ″ tubing can be used instead of 3-1 / 2 ″ tubing.


The steel continuous sucker rod operation is completed by the steel continuous sucker rod operation machine. The steel continuous sucker rod operating machine is mainly composed of an automobile, an operating derrick, a winch and a lifting clamp driving device. The lifting clamp driving device is installed at the lower part of the derrick, and the derrick is installed at the rear of the automobile chassis through the rotating telescopic base of the derrick. The steel continuous sucker rod guide pipe is suspended at the upper part of the lifting clamp driving device through the winch at the upper part of the derrick, and one end is installed on the operating derrick through a fixed shaft.



1). Reduce the failure frequency of sucker rod;

2). Reduce the wear of sucker rod and tubing;

3). Reduce the working stress of sucker rod;

4). The annular area of the pipe rod is increased and the liquid flow resistance is reduced;

5). Small diameter tubing can be selected to save the cost of tubing;

6). Improve operation speed and reduce labor intensity.


The continuous sucker rod can be used in heavy oil, inclined well, horizontal well and other oil wells. Suitable for both pumping unit and PCP.

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