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FRP sucker rod

2023-05-04 15:59 9898 views

‌Compared with metal materials, FRP products have unique advantages such as light weight, corrosion resistance and good fatigue performance. After more than ten years of development and research, FRP sucker rods have been successfully trial manufactured with FRP materials. Field application shows that FRP sucker rods have great development potential. Sunrise petro can supply FRP sucker rods to meet the specific needs of clients to all over the world.


The full name of FRP sucker rod is fiberglass-reinforced plastic sucker rod, which is made of resin and glass fiber in a certain proportion through special pultrusion and curing process. This sucker rod is composed of FRP rod body and steel joint with external thread at both ends. The steel joint complies with the size, material and structure of sucker rod joint specified in API standard.



The following figure shows the basic structure of fiberglass-reinforced plastic sucker rod.


The inner cavity of the steel joint mentioned above is composed of several conical surfaces. By using special bonding technology, the epoxy resin adhesive is firmly adhered to the FRP rod to form a corresponding conical surface. During service, the multi-level conical surface of the inner cavity of the steel joint and the epoxy resin adhesive bears the working stress

The strength grade of the end joint, i.e. tensile strength, is divided into A&B. 620 to 793mpa for class A and 793 to965mpa for class B.

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