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High strength sucker rod

2023-05-04 10:13 12989 views

‌High strength means high tensile strength in physical performance. Sunrise petro can manufacture high strength and ultra-high strength sucker rod with high quality. We have rich experience in production and a strong ability in research and development. Our products include various series of high strength and ultra-high strength sucker rod based on client requests.


The basic structure and working principle of high-strength sucker rod are not fundamentally different from ordinary sucker rod. However, compared with common grade D sucker rod, high strength sucker rod shows new tensile strength grade, with higher performance index and higher bearing capacity. When the minimum stress is 0-102mpa, the allowable stress value exceeds grade D sucker rod by more than 35%.

There are two types of ultra-high strength sucker rods in China. The first one is HL with a tensile strength of 966-1195mpa,that means the sucker rod whose performance is improved to the super strength level by selecting appropriate materials is a material type ultra-high strength sucker rod. The second one is HY. HY level is developed and manufactured on the basis of HL level process. After the sucker rod is selected by special flaw detection equipment, it is further processed by ultra-audio frequency induction heating quenching process. There is a hardened layer on the surface of this rod. After shot blasting, it will have high tensile property and surface hardness. At the same time, it also has high fatigue strength and fracture resistance due to the residual stress on the surface. The sucker rod whose performance is improved to the super strength level is a process type ultra-high strength sucker rod and the tensile strength is 1150-1360mpa.


The following data sheet shows the comparison of mechanical properties of high-strength sucker rod and conventional sucker rod.


Yield strength

Tensile strength


Reduction of area

Hardness (HRC)


≥ 620






≥ 795






≥ 826







1) Effectively reduce the weight of the sucker rod string, reduce the horsehead load of the pumping unit, and save energy and reduce consumption.

2) The flow passage between tubing and rods is increased, the oil flow resistance is reduced and the tensile strength is improved.

3) The pump inspection cycle is prolonged and cost is reduced.


The high strength sucker rod is especially suitable for the working environment with large working load and high working intensity.

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