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High torque sucker rod

2023-05-04 14:15 12801 views
‌High torque sucker rod is one kind of special sucker rod, which has higher torsional strength and more stable connection, also known as drive rod, suitable for the Progressive Cavity Pump as well as screw pump. Sunrise petro can manufacture high torque sucker rod with excellent comprehensive mechanical performance. These high torque sucker rods have novel structure, reliable performance, long service life and superior efficiency.


In traditional pumping wells, the sucker rod mainly moves up and down, so the tensile strength is the main mechanical property index. Since the 1980s, screw pump oil production technology has been widely used in domestic and foreign oil fields, and its supporting lifting technology has also been rapidly developed, which can basically meet the needs of oil fields. However, with the further promotion of surface driven large displacement screw pump oil production technology, especially the application of polymer drive wells, the failure of sucker rod string is becoming more and more prominent, mainly manifested in the fracture, tripping and buckling of conventional D-class, H-class sucker rod or hollow sucker rod driving, which seriously restricts the improvement of oil production efficiency. The main reason is that in screw pump oil production wells, the main motion form of the sucker rod is rotary motion. In addition to bearing axial tension, it mainly bears circumferential torque. Its stress state is worse than that in pumping unit wells. So the sucker rod is easier to break, trip and buckle than in the pumping unit wells. In order to solve the problems, Sunrise petro designed and produced high torque sucker rods with special tapered threads according to market demand.


In the tapered thread connection, the first thread is located at the big end of the tapered thread, and the higher pitch diameter is used to bear the larger pre tightening force. Under certain conditions, the lower pre tightening force can generate the larger make-up torque or release torque, and the self-locking force of the big end is stronger. The torque rod thread used for driving the screw pump is the drill rod digital thread, with the thread code of NC13 and NC16, the pitch of 4.233mm and the taper of 1:8. The taper and pitch of the thread are relatively large, and the rigidity of the thread teeth is also relatively large. It can withstand large make-up torque and pre tightening force, and has good sealing performance, and can transmit large axial load and torque Compared with the straight thread, the tapered thread connection has a strong torsional resistance.



The high torque sucker rod is especially suitable for PCP as well as screw pump to replace the traditional sucker rod.


1)Large thread with excellent comprehensive mechanical performance, such as high strength and toughness, good anti fatigue strength and torsional strength.

2)Solving the tripping problem of the rod of the screw pump, extending the pump inspection cycle of the screw pump.

3)Increasing the oilfield productivity and reducing production costs in the meanwhile.
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