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Chemical Flooding Enhanced Oil Recovery

2023-08-18 17:09 7724 views

Chemical Flooding EOR

Sunrise petro team of experts possesses a thorough understanding of the dynamic relationship between oil and brine, as well as the intricacies of geology and the mechanics of oil extraction. That expertise allows us to help evaluate the feasibility of a CEOR plan using various surfactants and co-solvents. We will fully formulate and flood-test a surfactant-oil-brine system for your well that matches both reservoir brine salinity and temperature, one of the most critical factors of a successful CEOR operation.

After water flooding is no longer recovering oil economically, chemical techniques are often used to improve performance. Chemical enhanced oil recovery (CEOR) techniques such as wettability alteration, polymer flooding, surfactant flooding or combinations of each are all options to boost production in mature reservoirs.

Unlock more oil with minimized chemical environmental impact

Sunrise Petroleum

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