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Group Completed API Quality Management System and Monogram License Supervision and Extension Audit

2023-07-31 19:17 7086 views

‌On July 7th, the company successfully completed the supervision and audit of the API quality management system and logo licensing, as well as the audit of API 4F and 16RCD expansion products. Starting from July 3rd, two API auditors conducted on-site sampling audits of our company's quality management system and product monogram licensing, as well as two new expansion products, after five days of intense work.

Two experts from the audit team conducted a comprehensive compliance audit on all system units and departments covered by our company's API Q1 quality system and product monogram, covering all relevant elements of the Q1 system and product standard specifications. Two experts fully affirmed and highly praised the overall effectiveness of the company's quality management system and employee quality awareness. The audit team recommended to API that the company's quality management system and product logo license remain valid.

At the final audit meeting, General Manager Zhang Duan Guang highly praised the rigorous and meticulous work of the audit team, expressed sincere gratitude for the positive affirmation given by the audit experts and the relevant opinions and suggestions put forward, and expressed that we will continue to improve the quality management system level, maintain the standardized and effective operation of the system, and provide strong support for the company's production and operation.

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