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Dongying City Layout High end Petroleum Equipment Industry

2023-07-31 19:07 7071 views

‌Dongying has actively built a full chain innovation system with the market as the direction, enterprises as the main body, the free flow of innovation elements of oil field schools, and the integration of industry, education and research upstream and downstream. Among them, Dongying Science and Education Park has introduced 11 scientific research institutes, gathered 14 high-level talent teams, incubated 68 enterprises, obtained 231 patents, jointly built 3 oil field school enterprise innovation alliances, and jointly built 7 new research and development platforms, including the Dongying Branch of CNPC Management Research Institute, 39 list projects have been implemented, with over 800 scientific researchers entering the system and implementing 9 pilot and industrial projects, achieving a one-stop on-site transformation of scientific and technological achievements from research and development design to pilot production.

The Dongying petroleum equipment industry has developed into a high-end petroleum equipment industry with a global layout of customized products and precise services. The latest technology of the core components of the first shallow water oil tree system, the first domestically produced research and manufacturing project for China's underwater production system, belongs to Dongying Weifei Ocean Equipment Manufacturing; On the African continent, where the ground temperature is up to 55 ℃, a desert truck mounted drilling and repairing machine is operating in an orderly manner. This set of equipment is a customized product developed by Kerui Group for customers, which meets the needs of soft sand and high-temperature environment in the Sahara.

The cross-border e-commerce platform has been deeply empowered, and the Longgongchang Cross border E-commerce Industrial Park has attracted 47 import and export enterprises and 21 third-party service institutions to settle in, achieving exports of 664 million yuan. Ruiji Global Oil and Gas Energy Idle Equipment Internet Trading and Sharing Platform has achieved orders of $150 million in the past three years. Dongying City has also formulated a cluster brand development plan, encouraging enterprises to vigorously expand international brands through transnational operations, strategic investment and other ways, obtaining more than 300 international certifications, registering more than 50 Madrid international trademarks, and the "China (Dongying) International Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment and Technology Exhibition" has also become the second UFI certification exhibition in the domestic petroleum equipment industry.

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