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Automatic stroke controller of Metering pump

2023-05-04 20:25 13000 views

‌The automatic stroke controller realizes automatic control by receiving the input control signal, changing the position of the stroke adjusting screw, changing the stroke length of the metering pump from the surface and adjusting the pump output flow. Sunrise petro has rich experience in supply of Automatic stroke controller of Metering pump.


The metering pump is a reciprocating positive displacement pump, and the flow rate can be adjusted manually. However, with the progress of industry, the demand for automation products is increasing. It is not only necessary to have reliable flow regulation stability, but also to realize automatic control. This puts forward higher requirements not only for awesome but also for all modern companies. The electric stroke controller produced by Sunrise petro effectively solves this problem. It enables the metering pump to realize automatic control.


Operating process

Automatic flow regulation of metering pump adopts electric stroke control, that is, automatically control the stroke length of metering pump. During operation, the motor speed will not change and the stroke length of metering pump will be directly adjusted to achieve 0-100% flow adjustment. In addition, the variable frequency control regulates the flow by adjusting the motor speed and changing the number of strokes.


The automatic stroke controller of Sunrise petro metering pump solves the problem that the metering pump signal cannot be transmitted remotely. It can adjust 0-100% of the rated flow of metering pump. It is directly installed on the mechanical adjustment handwheel of the metering pump, which can realize the conversion from manual adjustment mode to automatic control adjustment mode. The automatic stroke controller of Sunrise petroo metering pump supplies power for single-phase 80-280V, and the control signal is 4-20mA, which can be matched with Sunrise petro metering pump.



1.Highly integrated, saving operation and maintenance costs.

2.No external auxiliary control equipment is required.

3.Automatic control and regulation mode can be realized.

4.Automatic position feedback after adjustment.

5.It can perfectly replace frequency conversion regulation, and the metering pump has smaller pulse and higher flow accuracy.

6.It replaces the automatic stroke adjustment of the mechanical handwheel, and the metering pump has high linear accuracy.

7.Large screen display, with set percentage, actual percentage and analog flow display.

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