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API 5DP drilling pipe

2023-05-04 18:17 13005 views

Sunrise petro has abundant manufacturing experience in API 5DP drilling pipes. Since its establishment, Sunrise petro has always insisted on taking the market as the center, taking R & D as the driving force, and constantly improving product quality. The company has passed ISO 9001, APIQ1, NOV and other quality certification systems. Our API 5DP drilling pipes also have various types to fit different environments and applications.


The drilling pipe is the basic component of the drill string, which is mainly used to transmit torque, convey drilling fluid, and continuously connect the drill pipe in the drilling process to deepen the borehole. The working environment of drill pipe is the worst in drilling operation. In addition to bearing the torque, it is also subject to the tensile stress generated by the weight of the drill string itself, and the higher the stress, the greater the stress.

Upset Types

The pipe body and joint of the drill pipe in use are connected by butt welding. In order to increase the strength of the joint, the butt welded parts at both ends of the pipe are upset. According to API standards, there are 3 types of upset: IU(internal upset), EU(external upset)and IEU(internal and external upset).

IU: The inner upset reduces the inner diameter of both ends of the pipe body to increase the thickness of the pipe wall. The outer diameter of this drill pipe is the same, and the outer diameter of the joint is not too large. When rotating in the well, the contact between the joint and the well wall is small, and the wear is also small. However, because the inner diameter of the upset part is smaller than the inner diameter of the pipe body, the flow resistance during the circulation of drilling fluid is increased.

EU:The inner diameter of the extra upset drill pipe is the same, but the outer diameter of both ends of the pipe body is increased. The outer diameter of this drill pipe joint is larger than the outer diameter of the drill pipe joint of the same size, which increases the contact friction between the joint and the well wall when rotating in the well and is easy to wear; Because the inner diameter of the drill pipe is the same as the inner diameter of the pipe body, the flow resistance is small when the drilling fluid is circulated.

IEU: Internal and external upset drilling is to reduce the inner diameter and increase the outer diameter at both ends of the pipe to increase the wall thickness of the pipe at both ends. The drill pipe of this structure combines the advantages of the drill pipes of the above two structures.


Nominal sizeNominal weightGradeUpset typeOD (mm)Wall thickness(mm)
2 3/86.65EEU60.327.11
2 7/810.4EEU73.029.19
3 1/213.3EEU88.99.35/11.4
4 1/216.6/20EIEU/EU114.38.56/10.92
5 1/221.9/24.7EIEU139.79.17/10.54
6 5/825.2/27.7EIEU168.38.38/9.19


Production steps

Sunrise petro drilling pipe production mainly follows these steps:

Raw Material Test → raw pipe end heating → pipe end upset →

pipe body straightening →pipe bodγ and end inspection → upset pipe finished

Then for welding heat treatment it follows:


Non-destructive inspection→pipe and tool joint friction welding → annealing→welds processing→weld zone inspection→finished drill pipe

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